Thursday, August 17, 2017

Baby Monitor Review: iBaby Labs

This post is sponsored by iBaby Labs. I was compensated in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions stated are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.

When iBaby Labs offered to send us a brand new video baby monitor and an air purifier I was Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch excited. The frustration with our old monitor  losing the picture and constantly needing to be charged had peaked and we were in desperate need of a good quality model. Thankfully that wish was granted. 

The iBaby Monitor M6S looks like some kind of cute little space robot if you ask me. But don't be fooled, this little camera is far more than a fun nursery accessory. If you want a baby monitor with ALL the features, this bad boy is for you. 
-Prerecorded lullabies, record your own, and add your own from Google Music, Apple Music, and mp3 
-Temperature, Air Quality, and Humidity sensors
-Two-way audio  
-Unlimited users & 4 viewers at the same time 

But if you're still not convinced, let me share our personal experience. The initial set up is actually EASY. This is coming from the girl whose husband had to stop her from actually throwing the old one out the window because she couldn't figure it out. And he said that one wasn't even that hard. If you can read and use your phone charger (USB cord) you can do it. It's just perfect that your phone becomes the monitor because that's one less thing you have to worry about charging or carrying around the house. I really love that there is an attachment for the bottom of the camera so that it sits flat on whatever surface you choose to locate it. It's very lightweight and easily portable, which will be so nice to bring on vacation next month! It's also pretty cool that Chris can check in on Fallon from work to catch a glimpse of his baby girl snoozing. The picture quality is amazing and the pan/tilt feature can show me pretty much around Fallon's whole room! 

Remember how I mentioned we also received an air purifier? Yes, iBaby Labs was kind enough to send us not only 1 but 2 monitors. That's right, the AirSense actually doubles as an audio baby monitor. So while it's detecting and eliminating common household VOC’s such as Formaldehyde, Benzene, Carbon Monoxide, Ammonia, Hydrogen, Alcohol, Cigarette Smoke, Flavor it can also play music and let you know if baby is awake. There are 100s of lighting colors to choose from and it syncs right up to your phone in addition to any other iBaby Lab devices you have. 

I hope y'all know by now that my reviews are always honest. I tend to choose products I'm fairly certain I will love, hence the positive feedback. But I am actually difficult to impress with baby gear and I just can't find any cons to share about these products. We have been blown away by the quality and functionality of our iBaby Labs monitors and I would recommend them to anyone on the hunt. It's hard enough to make the day to day decisions of being a parent and those big tough ones too. So trust me on this one and take it off your plate.  


Friday, August 11, 2017

Favorite Finds

It's been one of those weeks when it seems like pretty much everything went right. They don't come along often but we needed this one and it's been so nice to feel like the universe is balanced, if only for a moment. We had just the perfect ratio of busy to relaxed and fun to productive. So in honor of a week well spent I'm having a mini celebration by sharing some of my latest favorite finds with you. Here's to hoping for a weekend of content. 

The most delicious + nutritious mama and kiddo friendly breakfast 

A gorgeous and reasonably priced master bathroom rug

The cutest little pillow for Fallon's room now that's she a toddler

Camo vest, a must have staple piece for fall that you can start wearing now

The prettiest blanket ladder I ever did see

Most perfect romper for end of summer days into chilly fall mornings with a little cardi

Check out some more favorites this week with Arin, Jenny, Alex and Stephanie!

Happy weekend friends!!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

5 Coffee Table Books

Have you ever walked into someone's home and noticed a stack of books on the coffee table? I always zone in on them in pictures too. I'm curious about the titles, if I can make them out, and I wonder if they actually read them or if they're simply part of the decor. Books give a house that cozy, homy feel so I wouldn't be surprised if some people have never even cracked open the ones that sit on that coffee table. But today I want to share with you 5 books that look nice on my coffee table or my nightstand but I have actually been reading. If you just want them for decoration, I can't blame you. I'm not judging either way.

The Year of Cozy - Written by a fellow fall lover and full of fun recipes and crafts, all divided by season, which totally speaks my language. 

The Magic of Motherhood - If this book doesn't remind you that we are all in this together as mamas, I don't know what would. It's a real + raw feel good read.

Gentle Babies - Essential oils have recently become a big part of our lives and I love learning more about how to use them most effectively for Fallon. 

The Magic of Tidying Up - If you are overwhelmed by the thought of sampling your life even just a little, this makes it a lot easier than you would ever think.

Celebrate Everything - If you ever want to plan an unforgettable party, you have to read this. Or maybe you just love all the inspiration and happiness of celebrations. 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

PJ Party: Floral Edition

All things floral has been my motto all summer and there is no sign of it changing for fall. I also still live by pjs all day, even though those days are fewer and further between during pool season. But I do love to slip right into my jams after a day of running around with Fallon or chasing her around the baby pool. A nice pretty floral is so nice to wake up to in the morning too, like a bouquet you don't have to water greeting you for the day. We had a slow Saturday morning over the weekend with coffee and snuggles and Fallon destroying the roses I had just picked. But it made for a nice little photo shoot, my room smelled like fresh flowers and I was inspired to find the cutest floral pjs for you all. Any maybe more for me. Because clearly I don't have enough. 


Monday, August 7, 2017

Like Father, Like Daughter

Fallon is 13 months old now and doing the Frankenstein walk. We kind of think it's cutest thing ever. She's understanding so many concepts that I never even realized she was taking in, like when I grab my keys she says, "bye, bye" because she knows we are leaving and points to the TV when she wants to watch Mickey. She's as wild, curious and stubborn as ever with some drama to top it off but we couldn't imagine her any other way. Seeing how excited she gets when she sees a "dog, dog, doggie" out in public is definitely my newest favorite thing she does. 

Yesterday Chris was talking about how some days he still cannot believe that this is his life. If you had asked him even just 7 years ago (we've been together 6) where he saw himself in 10 years he would have laughed sarcastically if anyone mentioned marriage let alone living in the suburbs with a little girl. But now he can't wait to come from work and see Fallon light up when he walks in the door. I can almost see his heart melting every time she says "dada" or hugs him. And she is so much like him it's uncanny. 

Anyone who knows Chris will immediately say how much Fallon looks like him. She did when she was born and she continues to more and more each day. There are certainly ways you can see me in her but she is most definitely her daddy's little girl. Dimples and big brown eyes like none I've ever seen. The similarities do not end with looks though. Fallon has a very intense personality and puts her emotions fully into every situation. When she is angry there is no angrier kid but when she is happy she is the happiest baby on the block. There's that strong will, determinamtion and stubborn streak running through her that she gets a bit from mama but the level she can crank it up to is all daddy. Sometimes I just sit back and watch them together smiling like a fool, feeling that little flutter in my heart just thinking about how special their bond is. It will be a privilege to watch their relationship grow over the years. The apple did not fall far from the tree and I don't think anyone is prouder of that fact than my husband. 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Little Floral Dress

You may have noticed my floral obsession as of late and I just can't seem to quit. There are some many gorgeous prints right now it's easy to get to sucked in to the trend. But I'm surprised by how versatile a floral dress can be. My exact dress is here but I linked some others I'm loving as well as similar wine colored booties (mine are last year). I love that a floral dress is easy breezy enough for these warm summer months but will transition so nicely into fall. It looks cute with lace up sandals or even a lightweight vest for summer days and there are endless options for booties, OTK boots or slip on sneaks in the fall. Throw on a utility or jean jacket when that chill is in the air and you're all set. I can totally see myself dressing this up with a leather jacket or down with a cardi + beanie. 

Happy Hump Day Friends!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Online Shopping With ShopSmarter

This post is sponsored by ShopSmarter. I was compensated in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions stated are my own. Thank you for supported the brands that make this blog possible. 

I'm a huge fan of online shopping. When I used to work at an office job it was such a nice break to do a little retail therapy on my lunch hour right from desk instead of rushing out to a store nearby. And now that I'm a SAHM with a one year old, I appreciate the ability to purchase just about anything at my fingertips. Don't get me wrong, Target trips are not stopping anytime soon, but I do the majority of our household shopping online. So why not be rewarded for that?

Say what? That's right, if you haven't heard of and you're an avid online shopper, you must read on. There are several companies now offering discounts and cash back for online purchases made from participating retailers so why choose ShopSmarter? Well if 10% cash back on all purchases up to $1000 a year doesn't stand out then I don't know what would. But here's the kicker. Approximately once a month you can earn 20% cash back for a limited time! Believe me when I say I have a list of things that can wait to be ordered until that timeframe. And if those perks don't have you hooked yet, the exclusive coupons may grab your attention. ShopSmarter has so many discounts and free shipping offers only available to its members so don't you want in on this?

I realize as a busy mom it can be a pain to have to sign up for one more thing. But it is so easy your kids could probably do it for you. Maybe for a cake pop? Kidding. Okay I'm not. It took me less than 60 seconds, I timed it. And once you're in you can immediately start shopping + earning cash back. ShopSmarter has partnered with thousands of your favorite retailers and you can easily search for them right on the home screen. Looking for something specific but are unsure where you want to buy it from? Or maybe you want to do some price comparisons. Easy. You can just search keywords and you will be presented with options from all participating retailers. As long you are signed into your ShopSmarter account and access the online store sites through the home page your purchase will qualify for cash back. A check with your earnings will be mailed at the end of each quarter. Could it get an easier? I think not. 

So to really be able to give you an honest opinion, I of course had to make some purchases through my new ShopSmarter account. Our master bedroom was in need of a little facelift so I visited my favorite store through the home page. Target, duh. I found the perfect new throw pillows, seriously they are even husband approved, and voila, cash back showed up in my account when my order shipped. I'm a little miffed I didn't know about ShopSmarter sooner. Think of all the savings I missed out on!

Shopping from my bed with my coffee and getting cash back is like something out a dream for me. I mean what will they think of next?! Thank you ShopSmarter for allowing me to save money on all my online purchases and help to support my family. 

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